Annual Nutcracker Show

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This year we are moving our annual Nutcracker show to the main stage at the Queens Theatre! Please join us at SBS’s magical Nutcracker on Saturday, December 17th! Tickets will be on sale in late October.

Help our team to raise funds for our first Nutcracker performance at the Queens Theatre!

Story of “Nutcracker”

The Christmas Eve Party

It’s a cozy Christmas Eve at Mrs. Stahlbaum’s house.  As the maids prepare for their annual Christmas party, Clara waits anxiously for her friends to arrive. When the guests finally appear, the party picks up with dancing and celebration. A mysterious guest arrives dressed in dark clothing, nearly frightening friends, but not Clara. Clara knows he is Godfather Drosselmeyer, the toymaker. His surprise arrival is warmly accepted and all the children dance and carry on with laughter. The celebration is interrupted when Drosselmeyer reveals to clara that he has brought her a gift. Clara is given the best gift, the Nutcracker. Fritz, Clara’s little brother grows jealous, snatch the Nutcracker from Clara. It isn’t long until the Nutcracker breaks. Clara is upset, but Drosselmeyer quickly repairs the Nutcracker with magical dust.  The party grows late and the children become sleepy. Everyone generously thanks Clara before they leave. Clara leaves her Nutcracker by the Christmas tree.

Tiny mice enter the parlor searching for crumbs left over from the party. Clara sneaks back into the room to check on the Nutcracker, and at the stroke of midnight finds herself surrounded by the little scurrying mice and they take away her Nutcracker.  As soon as she falls asleep, The Nutcracker and toy soldiers arrive to battle the Big Mice. Nutcracker defeats the Mouse Queen as Clara bravely joins the battle. Snow Angels and Snow Queen appear to invite Clara and Price to the Land of Sweets.

The Land of Sweets

Clara and Prince arrive in the Land of Sweets where they are greeted by Sugar Fairies and Dewdrop Fairy. Clara and Prince are rewarded a celebration of dances and gifts.

§  Spanish 

§  Arabian

§  Chinese Tea

§  Candy Canes

§  Gingerbread 

§  Sugar Plum  

Contact Us Today For Your Nutcracker Ticket!!

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