Safety Protocol

Studio In-person Classes Safety Protocol

Class sizes will be extremely reduced to 33% of capacity (3-5 students for the small studio and 6-8  students for the big studio)

Staggered class time

Students will arrive at their classes with their dance attire and hair done (no dressing room use)

Temperature check at the entrance

Masks required at all times

Use designated area for putting their belongings

No parents allowed on the 4th floor

Sanitizing every time before and after classes for all equipment, restrooms, floors, counters, doors

Brand new HEPA certified filters in our HVAC system are installed as well as additional portable air purifiers are placed in each classroom

Students will maintain strict social distancing in class in addition to masks

Teachers will also wear masks and stand in designated areas in the studio during class


Drop Off and Pick Up


Students will wait at the first floor 10min before their class with social distancing and masks

After your temperature is checked by SBS staff and teachers, students will take the elevator to the 4th floor. No parents are allowed to the 4th floor with the exception of Pre-ballet classes.

Students will proceed to their classroom and place their belongings at the designated area (all students must come with their dance attire and hair done as our dressing room is closed)


After Class

Students will take the staircase with SBS staff to the first floor to meet their parents

Parents must be ready to meet their dancers at the class ending time as we do not have student waiting area available for safety reasons